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Heavy Duty Race Series Bump Stops (pair)

Heavy Duty Race Series Bump Stops (pair)

KORE specializes in performance suspension for trucks.

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  • 1994 - 2013
  • 4x4
  • Dodge Ram
  • Ram 2500/3500

These Race Series Dodge Bump Stops are included in many KORE kits, but they’re a welcome addition to any suspension system that needs a little more insurance against bottoming out. 

KORE Race Series Bump Stops are made from soft durometer polyurethane. Wider and longer than stock, they're designed to absorb the tremendous energy of a "bottom out."

Stock bump stops are made of rubber. Rubber stores a lot of energy, rebounding harshly after all wheel travel is used. KORE Race Series Bump Stops work like a "dead blow" hammer - the energy enters, but it isn’t redistributed into the chassis- so there's no bounce back.

This gives you more control, no matter what the terrain.

During the harsh conditions of racing we found that the narrow, stock Dodge bump stops would deteriorate and eventually pop out of their holsters.  We designed our Race Series Bump Stop with a special shape.  Our bump stops extend outward, their circumference coinciding with the outer flange of the Dodge holster.  This extra material keeps the bump stop in place even when the strike plate on the axle hits it at an irregular angle.

Applies to Dodge Ram 2500/3500, 1994-2013, 4x4 models

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