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Dodge Minotaur Introduced to the Masses by Kent Kroeker

SCOTTSDALE, AZ Jan 24th, 2016  – On a closed course in Arizona, Kent Kroeker spent the week trying out nearly 3,000 new co-drivers in an off-road course called the “Minotaur Experience” in a Minotaur RAM 1500 conversion.  None of the riders will be taking on the Baja with Kent anytime soon but if they decide to pick up a Minotaur, they might well decide to run it stock in the Baja themselves.

Read more about the event and audacious off-road truck featuring KORE Suspension on KORE NEWS


Kore Introduces the new Tactical Series

Dodge Ram Suspension

This Baja racing inspired suspension system transforms any 4th Generation Ram 1500 2WD into an off-road specialist capable of tackling any terrain. The KORE Tactical Series offers 14 inches of wheel travel front and rear and increases width of vehicle to 90 inches for greater stability at high speeds. Suspension provides unsurpassed road handling and comfort over unimproved surfaces. 

Provides up to 4” of lift and clearance for 35×12.5” off road tires.

KORE Tactical Series Suspension Kit includes: Front 3.0 inch Fox Internal Bypass billet piggy back reservoir coil-over shocks, Rear 3.0 inch Fox Internal Bypass piggy back reservoir shocks, upper and lower A-Arms, high-angle tie rods, font and rear weld on shock mounts, CV axle extensions, sway bar end links, sway bar brackets, coil springs and all hardware.

This suspension system is unique to the off road industry because unlike other suspension kits that use poly bushings and uniballs for their pivot points, the KORE Tactical Series uses OE style, rubber bushings and OE style ball joints. These maintenance-free parts are not affected by road chemicals, resist wear, are quiet, long lasting and provide NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) protection that is unmatched in a high-performance off road product.

Note: Increased front track width requires the use of fiberglass front fenders – 3” rise and 3” width increase. KORE recommends KORE TACTICAL SERIES Front Fenders – KTS0065 for the perfect fit. Wider rear bedsides are also recommended, but not required. Use KTS0066 for Quad Cab and KTS0067 for Crew Cab. Requires 17×8-9” wheels with 4.5” backspace (not included). Cutting and welding required for installation.


KORE OFF-ROAD Wins the Baja 1000

SAN DIEGO, CA, Nov 23, 2011 – In a history-making race, Kroeker Off-Road Engineering (KORE OFF ROAD) drivers Kent Kroeker and Alan Roach won the 2011 SCORE Baja 1000 – Class 8 in a Ram 1500 marking the first Baja 1000 win for Chrysler in decades. The KORE Class 8 race truck also debuted the Mopar® 800 horsepower V-10 Competition Race Engine in it’s first desert event.

“Mopar’s new 512 cubic inch V-10 crate motor was incredible. Our General Grabber Competition Tires and Method wheels worked perfectly with no failures. Our massive 4.4 inch Fox shocks gave us yet another flawless race. And Baja Design’s HID light system and Philips DRLs turned night into day,” said Kroeker.

Known as “the worlds toughest race”, this year’s Baja 1000 stood out as the toughest yet. Recent torrential rains had turned the racecourse into a quagmire of mud, exposed rocks and ruts. Out of 278 entrants in the 2011 SCORE Tecate Baja 1000, only half ever made it to the finish line.

Ram Ready for Baja 1000
Team KORE arrived in Mexico ten days prior to the race in order to reconnoiter the course and finalize the race truck development.

“Normally, you arrive in Baja with a proven race car that’s fully-prepped and ready to go. Due to an engine change and complete suspension reconfiguration, this truck was nothing but a cab-cage in September. We literally worked on her 12-15 hours a day, not finishing the build until it was on the starting line,” said crew chief Mike Kerr.

Kroeker drove the first 450 miles of the 700-mile race. Although making aggressive physical contact with 8 other trucks that made the mistake of not immediately moving over for him, Kroeker handed a cosmetically damaged but functional vehicle to precision driver, Roach who then raced it to the finish without incident.

“Winning the worlds toughest race is a testament to every aspect of what it means to be a man. And I’m not talking about driving skill; I’m talking about everything – from the guys who forge the pistons in the motor, to my pit crew who works tirelessly through the night, covering thousands of miles, bringing parts and fuel where they need to be – winning the Baja 1000 means laser-focused excellence that can’t be demonstrated any other way,” said Kent Kroeker on the team’s class win and 30th overall finish.
Dedicated Victory
“This victory is especially gratifying for our entire team because we dedicated it to our fallen comrade, Jeremy,” continued Kroeker.

Jeremy Graczyk, co-driver in the Ram 1500 for KORE’s 2009-10 assaults on the Baja 1000 died earlier this year. Graczyk, along with Kroeker made national headlines in 2010 after their life-saving first responder actions to a nearly fatal crash on the Baja course.

“Our sponsors are great but aside from General Tire’s Baja Pits, we have no external support, so we rely heavily on improvisation and adaptation. This year was particularly difficult – with a newly engineered vehicle and only 12 volunteers, we felt like a Special Operations Team doing a mechanized assault behind enemy lines. But the time compression and adversity made winning that much sweeter – in fact, I know the team will never again feel this accomplished – this one was hard-fought,” Kroeker said later.

Chris “Mongo” Williams, KORE’s lead chase driver, summarized the victory when approached by a fan asking for a KORE race T-shirt, “We don’t give these away; you have to earn them.”